Transaction Support

Information Memorandum/ Project Report

  • Development of detailed confidential information memorandums (CIM), detailed project reports (DPRs) and teasers for financial and strategic purposes
  • Developing a business plan in a detailed financial model comprising estimated and projected financial using various operating inputs and drivers


  • Could be needed either for business requirements or for a statutory compliance
  • Business and Equity valuations under ‘multiple scenario’ analysis: using various suitable methods including benchmarking analyses using market intelligence, comparable analysis and consummated by issuing a Valuation report

Financial Modeling

  • We build customized financial models as per specific needs of each assignment.
  • Our financial models are built with great amount of detail, advanced architecture, sophisticated tools and simplicity to operate and navigate.
  • They offer variety of analyses with fair scope for CEOs/ CFOs to run their own sensitivities driven by a variety of key drivers, variables and a host of assumptions.

Agreements Negotiation

  • Need only restricted assistance in negotiating valuation already decided by the investors or with the key terms of investment either at the term sheet stage or at the “definitive agreement” stage

Bespoke Research

  • We assist in generic, specific and contextual research for companies and sectors with all pertinent financial, market and operational analysis