Strategic Advisory

Business Plan Advisory

  • Assisting promoters/ CEOs in developing their short term operating plans. Such plans generally cover a period of three to five years
  • Help promoters/ CEOs in aligning business with its long term strategy and vision (capacity expansion, product mix, diversification, market expansion, succession planning etc.)

Value Unlock Advisory

  • Assist promoters/ CEOs in identify what to focus on and what is in best interest of the Company’s stakeholders keeping long and short terms in perspective and should continue to operate on
  • Identify, eliminate/mitigate value destroyers and devising an optimum capital structure to match the cash flows
  • The process may take form of restructuring, spin off, asset sale, or a simple business reorganization
  • This unlocks value and funds from within the business, increases its efficiency and enables it to raise funds from external sources

Go To Market

  • Of every 100 start ups/ young businesses, hardly 3-5% are able to raise equity funding as many things are needed to be built/ inculcated in their system before they can even approach investors. We build them up early in their life cycle to make a business investor ready at an appropriate stage to “go to market” and build business methodically

India Entry Advisory

  • Market scanning, identifying all right partners’ sets, customers sets, all necessary approvals (central, state, local etc) business partners, commercial aspects, legal aspects, business aspects etc.

Strategic Advisory- Family business- Critical issues

Business Revitalization

  • Once a market leader, now “brand” facing though challenges. What has changed?
  • Consistently deteriorating valuation, under pressure margins, tightening lenders, worsening cash flows, weakening product offtake. How to address them all?
  • How to recalibrate with external variables (Markets, Economy, consumer behavior, technology and address internal inertia ( organizational vigor, conflicts, innovation, focus etc.)
  • We assist in identifying, analyzing and addressing key critical factors to regain the business vigor back, develop a mid-long term plan and also assist in managing it

Succession/ Exit Planning

  • First generation built-up the business to respectable/ commendable levels, gained significant position in the market.
  • Next generation not keen to join-in and has set different career path for themselves; Never thought what if legal heirs don’t succeed the empire built over decades
  • How to ensure a desired succession; how/ when to realize the best value out of the business; don’t wait for your business to lose out that vigor to newer competitors
  • We assist in how to structure the business to plan for a successful succession, identifying the most suitable succession/ exit route, realize full value of the business before its too late

Conflict Management

  • Started and build the business a decade back with friends and siblings. Developed differences over time ? Expectations have changed? How to address situation without bowing down?
  • We assist in amicable conflict management to arrive at a win-win plan for both sides