Key Startup questions on Fund raising


  • Is one founder enough for the business?
  • How many founders is the right number?
  • Does having too many founders spoil the game?

Business Plan

  • Scaling or Sustaining?
  • Revenues or Profits
  • What if business plan projected for investors is not met in future?
  • What if I under-projected, does it put investors off


  • What my start-up is worth?
  • How much dilution should I take in 1st or 2nd round?
  • Whether going in minority for promoter with successive fundings is dangerous?


  • How much capital should one raise?
  • Crowd Angel/ VC/ PE? What is the difference?
  • Individuals’ capital or Institutional capital?

Ask us anything!

Before the call

Share a brief on your business containing following (2 days in advance):

What’s your product/ service

What the revenue model?

The stage start-up is at? Product development, Post development but pre-POC, Post POC but pre-commercialization, Post commercialization

Any external funds already raised?

Founder(s) details: Names, age, work-ex, work-ex employers, education credentials

Brief shall be referred to us by us only during the advisory call, therefore suggest to make it crisp to best use the time

  • Ask anything!
  • One Session: 45 minutes over Telephone/ Skype
  • One follow-on advise on specific queries over email