Capital Raising


Not sure on following?

  • Business Needs Capital ?
  • Debt or Equity?
  • Is Debt always a cheap source of capital?
  • Which capital is desirable at what stage?
  • INR or $ funding? Is $ funding always better?
  • Is higher valuation always better option?
  • Are you a start up, growing-up, grown-up or mature business?
  • Can capital infusion be staggered over time, if needed
  • How to avert potential investor- investee conflicts? Heard of Lilliput, Vishal Retail, Nilgiri Dairy, Amar Ujala, Fourcee Infra etc.

We address all optimally with

  • Experienced and open approach towards understanding of client needs
  • Structuring innovative customized solutions to suit each client’s specific requirements
  • Extensive distribution network across various kinds of institutional investors
  • Advising on form of capital -every capital has different character- PEs, VCs, Banks, FIs, NBFCs and HNIs
  • Focus on mid market and entrepreneurial businesses

We assist you choose the most appropriate form of capital